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We put a lot of time and effort to make sure we are producing healthy Exotic, Persian, or Scottish offsprings. Exotic and Persian cats have a similar personality to Scottish cats. Both breeds are very gentle and peaceful but also curious and playfulTheir gentle, affectionate personality makes it a good pet for families with children.

We raise our kittens as part of our family and love them as our own pets. They are squeezed on from the time they are born. Our kittens are well socialized and make excellent companions and joy for their future owners. Please click here for current photos of Catsparadise available kittens.


Ramzes is an Exotic Shorthair male, born 10/10/2018. PKD1 N/N. He is a great addition to our breeding program. Ramzes is a clever, curious, peaceful, and easy-going cat. He rules gently over our cat's kingdom and enjoys being around people. Ramzes is my daughter's favorite cat, her Teddy Bear. 


Burberry's Preferred is an Exotic Shorthair male, born 10/15/2018. PKD1 N/N. He is a brave and cheerful guy, friendly to other cats, and relaxed with people. We never hear him complaining, only happy purring sounds. 


Orl-Mik Trust Me is a brown patched spotted tabby-white Exotic Shorthair female, DOB 09/16/2018, PKD1 N/N. She was brought from Moskow, Russia. She is a very mellow female, even a little shy with strangers. She doesn't like to sit on the owner's lap but prefers to be next to us. Trust Me is such a wonderful mama and her kittens are as beautiful as Orl-Mik Trust Me. 


Altyn's Melony, Exotic Shorthair Calico female, born 10/19/2016. PKD1 N/N.

Melony is such a sweetheart, quiet and docile as most of the Exotic cats. All her kittens have a very nice personality as their mom. 

Orl-Mik Tropical Heat

Orl-Mik Tropical Heat is Exotic Shorthair red-spotted tabby female, DOB 10/16/18, PKD1 N/N. She was recently brought from Europe. She is truly an amazing cat, tender and mellow.  

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