Our Cats

Every Exotic or Persian cat that enters Catsparadise breeding program has been thoroughly tested for illnesses, and excluded if they have a genetic condition. We put a lot of time and expense into making sure we are producing the healthiest offspring as possible. Exotic Shorthair breed has an exceptionally gentle, kind disposition that is identical to the Persian. It is placid and dignified but also can be curious, fun-loving and playful.

Catsparadise's kittens are raised as part of our family and are loved as our own pets. They are squeezed on by kids and adults from the time they are born. Kittens are well socialized and make excellent companions. Thanks to God for his wonderful creatures, they are such a joy! If you have a tough day, your cat is there to purr, rub against your legs, cuddle on your lap, or just listen.

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Exotic and Persian cats enjoy being around people. Their gentle, affectionate personality makes it a good pet for families with children. Please click here for current photos of Catsparadise stunning available kittens.


Burberry's Preferred is an Exotic Shorthair male, born 10/15/2018. PKD1 N/N. He is a brave guy, very peaceful, and playful. He is friendly to other cats and dogs, as well as to people, like all our other cats. He is my daughter's favorite cat.


Orl-Mik Trust Me is brown patched spotted tabby-white Exotic Shorthair female, DOB 09/16/2018, PKD1 N/N. She was brought from Moskow, Russia.


Altyn's Melony, Exotic Shorthair Calico female, born 10/19/2016. PKD1 N/N.

Melony is such a sweetheart, quiet and docile as most of the Exotic cats. All her kittens have a very nice personality as their mom.  

Orl-Mik Tropical Heat

Orl-Mik Tropical Heat is Exotic Shorthair red-spotted tabby female, DOB 10/16/18, PKD1 N/N. She was recently brought from Europe, our new addition. She is truly an amazing cat, shy and mellow. 

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